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Trade Show Testimonials

“We had the biggest crowds of the entire show at our booth.  It is obvious we got more leads as a result of your magic shows than we've ever had from any trade show we've ever done!”

Trade Show Manager - Best Uniforms

You are awesome!  I love the way you incorporated information about our services into your magic!”

Customer Relations Director - UPS

“You certainly did your homework prior to performing at our trade show booth, and obviously put a lot of effort into tailoring your magic to our business!  Your ability to draw clients into our booth was extraordinary!”

Trade Show Manager, Color Graphics

Thank you for performing in our trade show booth for the 1997 Expo! Expo!  Your personality and talent were PERFECT for our event.  You would be a tremendous asset to any sales team!”

Trade Show Manager - InfoMart

“I am still amazed at all the work you did to customize your magic specifically for us!  This was a phenomenal success.  We had the largest attendance we've ever had at the Super Show!”
Trade Show Manager - L.A. Gear

“You were wonderful at drawing big crowds into our booth!  I have recommended that we use you at all future trade shows.”
Trade Show Manager - Appleton Electric

“You exceeded our expectations!  I was absolutely amazed the way you learned about our technology and integrated our information within your magical presentations!."

Trade Show Manager - HP

“We had a blast with you. It hardly felt like work with you rounding up people for us.  We called our office immediately to tell them to hire you for our next show!”
Trade Show Manager - Color Graphics

Guaranteed Trade Show Booth Attendance!

Combining extensive sales and marketing experience with world-class magical talents and exceptional communication skills, Debbie will MAGICALLY TRANSFORM your trade show exhibit into a powerful, memorable, successful, interactive marketing tool.

Your sales messages will be creatively integrated into fully customized, INTERACTIVE dazzling magic and mind-boggling mentalism.

Debbie will ATTRACT ATTENDEES to your booth, ENTERTAIN and charm them, EDUCATE them about your company, and INFORM them about the key benefits and features of your products and services.

She will represent your company with class, delightful corporate savvy, and two decades of trade show experience.  Debbie's fully CUSTOMIZED presentations are guaranteed to get attendees to remember YOUR company, YOUR products, YOUR services, and YOU!

Debbie has enhanced the trade show booths of major corporations like Sony, LA Gear and UPS at some of the biggest trade shows in America (including Comdex and The Super Show).  She has also represented small local companies and entrepreneurs at industry conferences, conventions, networking events, and local business expos. 

Some companies worry about the investment of hiring an experienced trade show magician at their booth.  It's been proven that many trade show attendees decide in approximately 3 seconds if they will stop at a trade show booth.  The reality is... you can't afford to not have Debbie represent your company and draw the attendees into your booth at your next business expo or trade show!

Atlanta Magician & Mentalist

Debbie Leifer

Entertaining Keynote Speaker

Voted Atlanta Magician of the Year!