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Entertaining Motivational Speaker

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The Magic of Successful Sales

Utilizing amazing and memorable interactive demonstrations, Debbie will get your sales team "fired up" to get out there and increase sales.  A five-step process of making an impact on prospective customers, effective communication skills, and secrets of closing sales will be creatively illustrated using amazing and fun magical demonstrations.  Debbie will incorporate your company's sales messages, promotional material, and products to fully customize her presentation.  This presentation is guaranteed to make an impact on even the most successful, most experienced members of your sales team!

Stress Reduction Keynote

Will This Matter Next Year?

During this humorous energizing presentation, Debbie teaches techniques and secrets of reducing stress caused by the economy, technology, and non-stop work and life pressures.  Your attendees will get to laugh and breath a sigh of relief as they learn proven methods of: Dealing With Difficult People, Time Management, Coping With Change, Effective Communication Skills, Saying "Yes" To Yourself By Saying "No" To Others, and Managing Interruptions.

Who is Nationally Renowned Atlanta Keynote Speaker Debbie Leifer?

She is Passionate.  Funny.  Energizing.  Entertaining.  Motivating.  Empathetic.  Thought-Provoking.

Debbie has helped thousands of people improve their professional and personal lives!

She possesses all the BEST qualities of a leader, a powerful communicator, a teacher, a motivator, a comedian.
Debbie was chosen by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to customize 7 different entertaining motivational presentations
to empower and entertain attendees of their two-day educational summit.

Who has hired Debbie to energize and strengthen their teams?

Starbucks, IBM, Sprint, Lanier Worldwide, Seagrams, Fox Television, New York Telephone, Quintiles Pharmaceuticals, Ryder,

Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Georgia Power, Pitney Bowes, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, VCG Software, PriceWaterhouse Coopers

Who has engaged Debbie to energize their conferences and awards banquets?

Cox Communications in Atlanta GA • Philips Design in Dallas TX • Kraft Foods in Las Vegas • Woman's Life Conference in Mississippi • Furman University in Greenville SC • Medical Association of Georgia in Savannah GA • New York State Library Association in Lake George NY • WellCare in Tampa FL • Industrial Information Resources in Orlando FL • March of Dimes fundraiser in Philadelphia PA • Heart of Georgia Technical College in Dublin GA • Circuit City in Dallas TX • Georgia Farm Bureau in Savannah GA • the Society of American Magicians in Louisville KY • The Family Channel in Palm Beach FL • Berkshire Hathaway in Raleigh, NC • Georgia Department of Technical & Adult Education on St. Simons Island GA • students in New Orleans LA, and Wake-Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC,

Get Them Thinking.  Get Them Talking.

WOW Them!

Corporate Impostor

Are you seeking something DIFFERENT and extremely memorable?  Your attendees will be thrilled (and relieved) to suddenly discover the "unusual" corporate expert speaking at your meeting is actually an entertaining motivational presenter with a talent to energize even salespeople who have "seen it all".  Debbie combines customized motivational speaking, clean corporate comedy, amazing magical surprises, and audience participation within her presentation while posing as a sarcastic waitress, or your newly hired "inexperienced sales director, "disorganized researcher", or "confused top executive."

Energizing Inspiring Keynote

You Are The Magic!

Debbie's uniquely positive perspective wakes people up to realize that they can accomplish everything they dream of with a shift in mindset.  This amusing motivational keynote presentation inspires audiences with upbeat, positive messages that instill an "Anything Is Possible!" attitude.  Topics include redefining priorities, the law of attraction, goal completion, accountability techniques, the theory of abundance, and the power of positive thinking..

Leadership Skills for Executives, Supervisors & Managers

Polishing The Diamonds

Leading With Integrity.  That's the key to a successful team.  This program features effective leadership techniques that will inspire leaders to instill a sense of loyalty, respect and determination in their team.  Every member of your team will benefit from learning how to deliver an effective presentation, maintain focus on results and goals, deal with negative co-workers, and the secrets of powerful respected leadership.  Relevant stories about Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Nelson Mandela, and Walt Disney will teach ascending leaders in your company to energize, inspire, and instill a sense of responsibility and exceptional teamwork.

Atlanta's Got Talent!

Energizing Team-Building

A totally unique, extremely funny team building experience!  Don't you spend most of your day trying to dream up fresh concepts that will make your products and sales staff different, popular, and memorable in the eyes of your customers?  Debbie's unique magical workshop will provide stress relief for your team (and LOTS of laughs!) while teaching effective interpersonal skills and high-impact sales techniques GUARANTEED to set your sales team apart from the competition!

Energizing Team Building Workshop / Breakout Session

The 5 Secrets of Magic

Learning how to "Think Like A Magician" will energize your attendees, and dramatically improve their happiness, level of success and outlook on life!  Participants are guaranteed to leave this fun, interactive, amusing, presentation with confidence, new skills, and a more positive outlook!  Your team will gain valuable insights into developing and maintaining healthy self esteem and confidence.  They will learn stress management, how to deal with work and life challenges, creative methods of expanding their knowledge and abilities, and secrets guaranteed  to improve their communication skills.

Are you responsible for hiring a Speaker for your association conference, award banquet, or sales meeting?

WOW Them!

There is no better way to kick off your conference, enhance your meeting, or offer a memorable conclusion  to a day filled with presentations by company reps and industry experts than to WOW your attendees with a unique, high-energy keynote speaker who will entertain while empowering!

Debbie's amazingly POSITIVE keynotes are GUARANTEED to energize your sales staff, motivate your management team, inspire your colleagues, demonstrate appreciation for your clients, or invigorate every member of your organization.

Your attendees will delight in the creative way Debbie illustrates key messages with fully customized mind-blowing magic, phenomenal mind reading, clean humor, and lots of good-natured audience interaction and participation. Debbie is author of the upcoming book "Will This Matter Next Year?"

“Debbie dazzled us with a fantastic motivational presentation that incorporated humor, audience involvement and
magical surprises  that engaged and inspired!”

Program Director - American Business Women's Association